Of Trombones and Soccer Balls

I knew it would happen, and now it has: I’m a soccer mom. Not only that, I’m a music mom. The last few days have been a scramble to get Sage to band lessons and soccer games; my respect for parents who have to manage schedules for multiple children has increased exponentially. (THEY should be the ones running the world!)

The scramble is worthwhile, though. Sage has become quite the trombone aficionado and, after picking it up for the first time three days ago, has already written a song on it. The soulful blats of his composition have been accompanying me as I weed the garden. (You have to hand it to the trombone–its sound CARRIES!)

Horizontal Sage and trombone

Sage with his new best friend

His soccer season (blessedly short) just ended, but his last game was a good one; although his team lost by one point, he played enthusiastically despite having an injured toe. Plus, he got another chance to pose manfully with his soccer ball.

Sage posing with soccer ball

Sage posing manfully with his soccer ball

Even if Sage never sells millions of trombone records or scores the winning goal in the World Cup, I’ve got to say–I’m mighty proud of my boy.


One comment

  1. You’re right, moms who manage schedules should be the ones running the world. One grandson, age 14, has been playing soccer since age 5. Other kids are playing the guitar and trombone. Another doing cross-country sprints. It’s a mad-mad world!

    Great to see Sage in such fine form. 🙂

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