Last Day of Fourth Grade

June 6 was Sage’s last day as a fourth grader, and I admit I’m already feeling nostalgic. Ever since I tutored my first fourth grader, I’ve considered this grade to be the Gold Standard of Childhood: Fourth graders are old enough to be interesting and somewhat independent, but they’re not (for the most part) jerks. Yet. That has yet to come.

I’d been looking forward to Sage’s fourth grade year almost since he was out of the womb, and it didn’t disappoint. He developed an unprecedented diversity of interests this year: Origami, yo-yo, roller-blading, soccer, and playing recorder were among them. He performed two recorder solos and a duet at his school’s Spring Arts Festival (including a song he’d written himself), and he won the SUPERIntendent’s Award for one of his paintings.

It was a good year, and now it’s over. Sigh.

Because it was raining on his last day, we had to take his last-day picture before we left home, and he insisted that Court be in the picture. Here’s my Soon-To-Be-Ex-Fourth Grader:

Sage and Court in dining room

Sage and Court on the Last Day of Fourth Grade

Paul added another picture for the record at Sage’s soccer game that night:

Sage with soccer ball

Sage poses manfully with his soccer ball.

Yep, I’ll miss this year. But fifth grade isn’t so bad. It’s not until sixth grade that things REALLY start going downhill.

Here’s to one more year of sanity!

One comment

  1. Enjoy this sweet phase with Sage for however long it lasts. Two of ours are approaching the “jerk” stage – ha ha!

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