Arbor Boy

A few days ago, Sage came home from school wielding a tree. I was caught off guard–usually, he comes home from school wielding papers made from dead trees, not brandishing a living one. But if a sapling comes into our care, however puny, we’re honor bound to give it the best possible chance in life.

So Sage spent a good part of the evening finding a home for his new arboreal companion, digging a hole, and planting it. Unfortunately, his “man of the land” effect was offset considerably by the giant red headphones on his head. At least he was listening to an audio book rather than blasting angry songs full of inappropriate language–that has to count for SOMETHING, right?

Cute Sage looking at camera

Sage (and his headphones) planting the tree

While he was at it, I asked him to dig a hole for a young hazelnut that needed to be moved. I was pleasantly surprised by his willingness to do extra manual labor. Of course, his enthusiasm was enhanced considerably by the five dollars I paid him. (In theory, it’s going into his X-Box fund–assuming he doesn’t use it to buy candy.)

Best Sage digging hole

Sage digging a hole for the hazelnut

By the end of the evening, Sage had two happily resettled plants and an augmented piggy bank. Not a bad day’s work.


  1. Jane Walsh · · Reply

    Nice work Sage😘

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. I like to see little men at work. Yesterday, a little-big man mowed our lawn and used an edger for the very first time. His younger brother would love to “play” with Sage. 🙂

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