The Laundry Operation

After weeks of planning and construction in his man-garage, Paul has finally completed his marvel of laundry-related architecture: A combination bench (with storage compartments) and not one but TWO clothes drying racks.

Today marked the culmination of his endeavor. Moving his masterpiece from the man-garage to his newly remodeled bathroom took the whole family’s efforts, but they paid off handsomely. Here are Sage and Paul celebrating their triumph:

Sage and Paul high fiving by bathroom door

Sage and Paul high-five to celebrate the successful installation of the laundry bench–an elaborate process that involved several ropes and straps.

Better Sage and Paul posing by laundry racks

Sage and Paul pose by the laundry bench, now with its drying racks proudly extended.

Sage sitting on laundry bench

Sage takes a well-earned rest after his contributions to the Great Cause of Laundry Bench installation.

Now I’d better get off the computer and go hang some laundry…


  1. Hats off to Paul and Sage ~ and to you for posting this energy-saving triumph. I resist the idea of using a drier all the time, but our HOA frowns on clothes lines. I could, however, put a wooden rack like Mom used to have out in the lanai. It would catch the breeze while being unobtrusive. 🙂

    1. That’s a great idea! In addition to this New and Improved drying rack ensemble, I have two other drying racks, and I use them all the time when it’s too cold to hang laundry outdoors. Even if I didn’t care about the environment (which I definitely and passionately do), the drying racks would be worth it for how much they reduce our energy bills. I hope you find one that you (and your HOA) like!

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