The Cell Phone

Sage and Paul examining phone

Sage and Paul examine Sage’s birthday gift.

We finally did it. We took the plunge. We took a risk. Our child might never be the same again. But Paul and I did it.

We got Sage a cell phone for his 10th birthday.

It was something we’d been contemplating for a while. Since we don’t have a land line, we didn’t dare leave Sage home alone. What if there was an emergency? Since our closest neighbors are Amish, the nearest phone is at least a quarter mile away, at the home of a non-Amish neighbor who may or may not be home in Sage’s theoretical time of need.

So child care arrangements are a constant fact of life—some days Sage goes to my friend Angie’s house after school, some days to the public library, and I pick him up at 5:30 pm on days he has an after school class. Whatever I do and wherever I go after work, the necessity of being on time to pick up the kid hovers expectantly, casting significant glances at the clock.

So when we found out Sage’s new friend has his own phone and has been staying home alone for quite a while without maiming himself or burning down the house, I was hit with the force of revelation: If he can do it, Sage can too! Maybe we can free ourselves from the need for constant adult supervision!

Paul seemed a bit skeptical at first, but he was won over by the thought of Sage being able to download his OWN audiobooks instead of having to constantly borrow our phones.

Whatever doubts we may have had were dispelled when Sage opened the package and saw what he’d received. He was GLOWING, and not just because of the screen.

Sage with new phone

Sage with his new phone

And when he made his first phone call to his grandma, I knew a new era had begun. This little boy wasn’t so little anymore. He was independent, savvy, with the whole world at his fingertips.

Sure, the little boy was cute. But I kinda like the big guy.

Sage making first phone call

Sage makes his first ever call on his new phone.

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  1. Sage’s saga continues ~ and now with a cellphone. WOW!

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