Two Little Boys Unplugged

Sage on top of box

Sage on top of the Mystery Box

I’m pleased to report that Sage has a new BFF: a little boy who lives just a few miles away but, because he lives on the border of the neighboring school district, just transferred to Sage’s school this year.

It was love–or the little boy equivalent, anyway–at first sight. Sage begged me to set up a play date with his new friend Colton shortly after school started. When I pointed out that I couldn’t do much without any contact information, Sage took the initiative to procure Colton’s mom’s phone number. After some awkwardness caused by his highly ambiguous rendition of the number six, I made contact, and the First Play Date was born.

Colton spent the day here, and I was mightily pleased by how happy Sage seemed; the boys found absolutely EVERYTHING hilarious, and their giggling was nonstop. I was even more mightily pleased by their initial disregard of all things technological. In fact, their first act upon Colton’s arrival was to play with an empty cardboard box. (The incredibly small and flexible Colton squeezed himself into it, and Sage pretended not to know where his friend had gone.)

After that game had finally exhausted itself, the boys decided to make their own stop-motion movie. They proceeded to spend hours posing Lego figures, taking pictures, moving the Lego figures, and taking more pictures. Hundreds of images later, they had a movie that was less than a minute long–but they considered it a VERY satisfying minute. (After all, they had animated homicidal Lego crocodiles. If that’s not fine film making, NOTHING is.)

I marveled at their achievement and marveled even more at how much work little boys will do when they don’t consider it WORK. If only I could pull a Tom Sawyer and convince them that doing dishes is the Best Game Ever…

The boys engaged in other delightfully non-screen oriented activities, like helping me make cookies. Altogether, it was an extremely heartening day–it was good to see such a strong friendship developing and even better to know that modern boys can have some old-school, screen-free fun. There’s hope for the future, after all.

Sage and Colton making cookies 1

Sage and Colton making cookies

One comment

  1. I love old school: playing with an empty cardboard box and filming stop-action movies. I love how these boys can invent their own entertainment.

    Strange, I had fun with neighbors without an arranged play date. But that was long, long ago.
    Sweet nostalgia, Rebecca. Thank you!

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