An Unexpected View

Court on road with hill view

Court leads the way to a new vista.

This is a story for a new year: a combination of loss and epiphany—a beginning unfurling beyond an end.

It starts on a hill, a steep descent where the road had been bordered by enwombing trees—a cool shady tunnel during the summer, a place where ferns and flowers nestled against the almost vertical edge on one side, a place where I felt safe.

Then the farmers at the foot of the hill began clearing trees, truck after truck dragging loads of logs away. I was dismayed but thought the trees along the road weren’t substantial enough to go too.

Apparently they were. One day, they were gone, leaving the other side of the road—previously shady and fernful—exposed to glaring sunlight. I mourned the trees; I mourned the ferns.

But I admired the view.

Wide view on top of Gregor hill

Amish children skate on a distant pond, now visible from the naked roadside.

One comment

  1. This is as good a metaphor for the ups and downs of life as one could hope for. Even if you can’t have the trees back – or the fernful path – you have a new view.

    My son drove my 4 grandchildren more than a hundred miles into Georgia so they could play in the snow like Court appears to be doing in your photo.

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