More Unexpected Visitors

Last week, I wrote about the flowers that made unexpected but welcome visits to my garden. They were not, however, the only unexpected visitors. Here are a couple more:

Garage snake

This little snake, which was about the size of an earthworm, made itself at home in our garage–much to Sage’s and my delight. 

The snake provided a fun little diversion, and Sage and I relocated it to a secure location before Paul could come home and park on top of it.

Return visit of steer

This steer visited our yard almost every day for over a week. 

A more cumbersome–and somewhat less welcome–visitor was the neighbor’s steer, who managed to repeatedly escape his pasture and come to dine in our yard. In general, he was a real gentleman; he ate most of the wormy windfall apples that littered the ground each day, and he generally stayed out of the garden. (In fact, the only time I saw him in the garden was when Court, generally apathetic about the bovine visitor, suddenly decided to be helpful by barking at him and chasing him straight through it.)

Unfortunately, he left numerous tokens of his gratitude, which made navigating our yard somewhat treacherous. The real corker, though, was when three lady friends followed him over. Not only did these brazen cow hussies eat all of the low-hanging Red Delicious apples still ripening on the tree, but the yard was more cow pie than grass in some places by the time they were done with it.

Fortunately, the neighbors seem to have finally gotten around to repairing their fence, so we haven’t seen fresh additions to the cow pie collection in several days. I appreciate the increasing clarity of the yard, but to be honest…

I kind of miss the big guy.


One comment

  1. I hate snakes, even pictures of snakes even though I know they have their uses – one, keeping down the rat population. Cows I can abide.

    “Good fences make good neighbors,” the poet said. 🙂

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