A Country Idyll Complete With Child Labor

Sage and Emery in yard

Sage and Emery enjoyed a sunlit country sojourn.  Emery even lowered the tablet she was carrying around!

Emery returned for another sleepover last weekend, and while the visit was relatively brief–she arrived after work on Friday and left Saturday morning–there was a hefty amount of bucolic bliss involved.

Emery training Court on hill

Emery honed her dog training skills while we took Court for a walk.

Unfortunately, the dark shadow of Child Labor cast a pall over this otherwise sunlit idyll. Specifically, Paul and I made the kids DO THE DISHES (insert horrifying music here.)

Sage and Emery doing dishes

Emery and Sage resign themselves to their dish-doing fate.

I’m pleased to support that both children survived their chore ordeal and will live to see another play date. And on the bright side, they can now write about their sufferings in THEIR blogs when they get a little older.

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  1. Very cute – title, photos – all of it!

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