Court’s Vacation

My friends and I had been looking forward to our cabin weekend for months: Every year, for two precious days, we aren’t wives and mothers–we’re women and friends, free to do as we please with no duties calling us.

We’ve been picking a different cabin each year, and we knew we would enjoy the weekend no matter what kind of facilities awaited us. This particular cabin, however, had the stuff of magic in my eyes. It was large, rustic, and venerable, complete with a pond in front and a typewritten history of the family who built it inside. We fell in love with the place.

Ellen by pond

My friend Ellen poses by the magical cabin.

And, it turns out, so did Court. Another friend had brought her two dogs, and the three of them had an excellent time streaking through the forest and wrestling on the porch.

Close up Court in pond

Court explores the pond.

Court lying by Walter

Court takes a break with his new buddy Walter.

A wonderful time was had by all, human and canine alike. We can’t wait to go back next year.

One comment

  1. I’m enjoying our anniversary vacation (hadn’t had one in 3 years) but am looking forward to a night out with my church girl-friends at a dinner theatre later on in August. The setting looks luscious in your photos, Rebecca.

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