More Rainbows and Giant Pumpkins

Another spectacular rainbow visited us recently. Alas, neither Emery nor her phone was here to enjoy it. That was especially unfortunate since this rainbow seemed to be ending in the field behind our house; I could almost imagine the pot of gold nestled in the grass.

I may not have any gold, but I DO have a mighty nice picture to show for the experience.

Double rainbow

Unlike most rainbows, this one seemed to end in FRONT of the trees.

Sage’s giant pumpkins are also making considerable progress. They haven’t bloomed yet, but they have leaves the size of dinner plates.

Smiling Sage with pumpkin.jpg

This Pumpkin Papa is mighty proud.

Maybe there will be a 400 pound pumpkin at the end of the next rainbow…


One comment

  1. A double rainbow AND pumpkin leaves the size of dinner plates – now these are golden moments!

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