The Brief and Illustrious Career of Frecky

Sage and Frecky

Sage displays Frecky in his final moments.

A couple of days ago, Sage and I harvested the first few strawberries from our garden. Most went quietly and unsung to their demise, but one stood out: Frecky.

Sage felt the need to name this unusually shaped berry after pointing out that it looked like a character from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, complete with “a lumpy nose and floppy hair.” (The nose I could see, the hair not so much.)

Sage couldn’t bear to eat Frecky, so the lucky berry got to spend a quiet night in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, we both knew that Frecky would meet his fate eventually, so I persuaded Sage to eat him before he turned into Frecky mush.

Alas, Frecky has gone where all good strawberries must go. He had a brief but illustrious career.

Sage eating Frecky

Frecky’s demise

One comment

  1. Your Sage is getting to look more boy than child now. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Grandson Ian would like to play with your imaginative Sage, especially if dress up is involved.

    Cool vignette. Thanks, Rebecca!

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