Vivid Rainbows and Giant Pumpkins

Sage and Emery shoveling

Sage and Emery shovel compost to fill their pumpkin planting holes.

Sage’s friend Emery had another overnight sojourn as a Country Girl last weekend, and her stay with us was full of country adventures indeed.

First, Sage conscripted her to help with his Giant Pumpkin Project. Our friend Derek had given Sage seeds from last year’s 400 pound pumpkin (which he’d brought home from his job at a farm supply store and which held pride of place in their yard until it was unceremoniously bashed to death).  Ever since then, Sage has been determined to grow his own 400 pound pumpkin.

Emery was game, so the pair of them shoveled compost to fill their planting holes, then planted the pumpkin seedlings (which Sage had started in peat pots a few weeks previously) and lovingly watered them in.

Sage planting pumpkin

Sage plants a pumpkin.

Sage and Emery watering

Sage and Emery water their new “babies.”

Later, some playful storms cavorted across the valley, trailing a vivid rainbow in their wake.

Rainbow Sage

Sage and the rainbow.

Emery, being a modern child, did what all modern children do: She grabbed her phone.

Close up Emery taking picture of rainbow

Emery uses her phone to take a picture of the rainbow.

Sage and Emery looking at camera by rainbow

The fact that both children are staring at Emery’s phone while the rainbow glows behind them is rivaled in its sadness by the fact that I’m looking at the rainbow through my phone as I take a picture of the children staring at the screen. 

OK, so maybe it wasn’t a completely rustic country sojourn. But the kids did see nature, and we have the photos to prove it.



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