Go Fly a Kite

Yesterday was the first ideal kite-flying day of the season: sunny, warm, and breezy. Sage availed himself of the opportunity.

Sage flying kite

Sage got some impressive height on his kite; it’s barely visible in the top right hand corner.

Sage pointing at kite

Court was there to share the kite-flying experience with Sage.

Sage flying kite from chair

Apparently, kite-flying wears a body out. Sage made me bring him a camp chair so he could fly while comfortably seated. He looked like he was fishing in the sky.

Sage and Paul getting kite out of tree

All good things must come to an end, and in this case, the kite flying ended in a tree. Fortunately, with a little help from his father, Sage was able to rescue the kite. It will live to fly another day.



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  2. I like your title but an alternate one might be: Apparently, kite-flying wears a Body out, assuming Sage’s last name is Body.

    Fishing in the Sky would also work. Heartwarming piece, Rebecca!

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