A Lull in the Busy Season


Sage and Court have some quality snuggle time.

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones, especially for Sage: His friend Emery stayed overnight last weekend, and yesterday he had not one but TWO friends over in the morning, a red-letter event as far as he’s concerned.

He didn’t waste his time with his friends; some of the highlights include making two stop-motion films (one of a Lego dragon flying–made with Emery–and one of Matchbox cars racing around a paper track–made with Isaiah and Braedin). He and his friends also sallied forth into my neighbor’s field wielding a metal detector; they unearthed a length of metal pipe, a glass bottle, and (somewhat inexplicably given that my neighbor is Amish) a hubcap.

Both weekends were rife with photogenic moments, but I’d lost the modern parental impulse to chase them with my cell phone camera, and I have no pictures save those in my mind to document the visits.

So I leave you with one of my favorite pictures, Sage and Court snuggled up in bed taking a well-deserved rest. Although this isn’t a new picture, I suspect they’ll be repeating it tonight.

It’s a tiring job, being a nine-year-old boy.


One comment

  1. Nine-years-old is a magical time, especially for a boy like Sage and a grandson like Ian.

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