Random Giant Mutant Eggs


Sage with his giant egg; he’s holding a regular egg in his right hand for purposes of scientific comparison. The contrast is better seen in other pictures, but this one is the cutest, so it wins.

Generally, giant mutant things tend to be rather unwelcome. Giant mutant eggs, however, are an exception to this rule. How many yolks? Two, even three? Seldom is cracking an egg more exciting.

We thought a recent egg might be a three-yolker since it was so big, we couldn’t even close the egg carton we put it in. Sage was eager to test this theory.


Sage displays his double yolk.

Alas, it was a slightly disappointing double yolker. On the plus side, it, along with one other egg, provided breakfast for our whole family (all three of us, that is).


Sage beats the eggs with my grandma’s old beater, of which he is surprisingly fond. 

I’m not sure which of our chickens laid the giant egg, but whoever did it, I salute her.


  1. Maria Tucker · · Reply

    I love how you guys find beauty and excitement in each day.

  2. Thanks for sharing this moment. It comes with a reminder to eat one of the hard-boiled eggs in my frig. So full of protein. How did you cook the eggs – scrambled? sunny-side up?

  3. Hi, Marian! I generally either scramble or hard boil my eggs, although sometimes Paul gets fancier and does sunny-side up or a vaguely omelet-ish concoction. I hope all’s well with you and your family and that you enjoyed your eggs!

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