Avocado Race


Sage and the avocado tree

I’ve frequently and shamelessly employed the cliche “Sage is growing like a weed.” Well, now I’ll have to modify it slightly to “Sage is growing like an avocado tree.”

I’d planted an avocado seed a few weeks ago, unable to throw such a huge and promising seed into the compost. The little guy took off and is now on its third pot; it’s giving Sage some serious competition on the rapid growth front.

Sage is currently in the lead, although I suspect that won’t be the case for long. But then, I suspect I won’t enjoy MY height advantage much longer. He won’t feel too bad about the avocado tree when he has to reach down to ruffle his mother’s hair.

I’ll enjoy the status quo while it lasts, though.


One comment

  1. Very sweet. This is the first time I noticed Sage’s chin dimple. From the looks of things, you have more than one oxygen-producing plant in your house. How nice that one of them is an avocado, so healthful.

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