Ephemeral Snow Forts and Persistent Pansies


Sage guards the entrance of his snow fort.

When snow fell the day before Thanksgiving, I’d warned Sage not to get his hopes up. “It won’t be enough for you to build anything, and what does fall won’t last long,” I told him.

He proved me wrong on one of the two counts, though: To my amazement, he parlayed the inch of snow that accumulated into a highly respectable snow fort, complete with a tunnel entrance. (I have to admit that his father did help, but Sage gets credit for his many hours of digging and scraping.)


Sage crawls out of his snow fort.

Alas, climate change hath given, and it hath taken away: The snow fort is only a memory now. Fortunately, Sage withstood the loss with surprising fortitude, and he and his buddy spent the morning building a brush fort on the once-more naked landscape.


Sage’s once mighty structure has melted away.

On the plus side, I’d mourned my sturdy little pansies the night before a hard frost was predicted. I was premature in my sadness, though: the pansies are battered but still blooming doggedly. Their defiance in the face of encroaching winter heartens me. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.


The pansies are battered but still defiant.


One comment

  1. Love your photos which trigger nostalgia. I grew up with snow in PA, but nary a flake on Florida. Now that I think about it, I have a picture of my brother Mark sticking his nose out of a snow cave. What fun!

    Yes, sometimes it’s good to be wrong. Maybe if you water the pansies again and put a light tarp overnight during the next freeze, you’ll get someone bloom out of these persistent buggers – ha!

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