Scenes from Halloween


The Halloween crew

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone without yielding any especially good photos, it seems like a good time to finally post my Halloween pictures. (At least Halloween is a holiday, so it’s KIND OF relevant…)

In the photo above, you’ll note a disturbing figure with a gruesome mask and tattered tunic standing at the far left of the image. This, much to my chagrin, is my son. I’d made the mistake of rewarding him for his unexpectedly stoic demeanor while being dragged through several shopping experiences by giving him $5.00 to spend as he wished at a large thrift sale.

I was hoping he’d use it to purchase an adorable–or at least palatable–Halloween costume. Silly me.

The only costume available in his size was a “Pumpkin Slayer” outfit, complete with aforementioned gruesome mask and tattered tunic. I was appalled. He was delighted. It cost exactly $5.00. It became his.

My discomfiture enhanced his costume experience, so at least one of us got full enjoyment out of this purchase.

But the costume also yielded more reasons for gratitude this Thanksgiving: 1. It will be too small for him next year and 2. He had to take off his mask to bob for apples at my friend’s Halloween party.


Sage emerged from bobbing with an apple and without a mask. For me, it was the highlight of the Halloween party.

Also, he didn’t bust out his costume for Thanksgiving dinner. I have many things to be thankful for, and that’s definitely one of them.

One comment

  1. Our Ian too picks out gruesome stuff. Maybe they’ll both like the horror genre when they go older. Maybe not. Ian likes to dress up: gremlin, skeleton – troll, if he had the costume. It’s pass – or not! Hahahaha!

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