Flowers Before the Frost


Pansies and a stinging nettle on their last night of life

The fall has been long, lovely, and unnaturally mild (thanks, Climate Change!) but all freakishly good things must come to an end. My pansies have been blooming nonstop since early spring, and they’d doggedly survived a few light frosts, but even they couldn’t cope with the heavy frost and dusting of snow that arrived two nights ago.

Since I knew the end was near, I thought I would get some final shots of the plants (tucked into tire planters near the foundation of our house) that had carried on so bravely and so long. Here they are:


Dusty miller, begonias, marigolds, and intrepid petunias braved the cold until the end.


To my amazement, this outdoor basil was still green and blooming until the frost finally triumphed on November 18. I harvested it after I took this picture.

Farewell, my cheerfully blooming friends. I’ll miss you until the spring brings your successors.


One comment

  1. I hear gratitude in your elegy, Rebecca.

    Basil is very tender and even doesn’t survive north Florida winters. I have a small pot on the window sill of the shower stall where it gets lots of light.

    As the world turns, spring will deliver its bounty to you once more. Bittersweet post!

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