Inadvertent Garden Design


The inadvertent flower border

I planted what I’d hoped would be a charming garden border last spring and was sorely disappointed by the results–a few scraggly little plants with few, if any, blooms. The weeds, sensing their opportunity, moved in, and I did painfully little to thwart them.

I should have had more faith in my flowers; now that the weather is cool, marigolds and spires of blue flowers (salvia? veronica? I don’t even remember what they are) are generously feeding legions of hungry bumblebees and cabbage butterflies. The vivid blue of the spikes contrasts beautifully with the sunset colors of the marigolds to create a display that’s as striking to the eye as it is tasty to the insects.

To everything there is a season, and apparently this is the season for inadvertent garden design. I’ll take the credit, however undeserved.



  1. Just as a bouquet of flowers is to me more appealing than a florist’s spray, so is an inadvertent garden more than straight, cultivated rows.

  2. Most of my garden is I adverts t. A lot of things have wandered in on their own and I let them have their way. I like it like that.

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