Scenes from the Garden

Kuan Yin with Sage

The statue of Kuan Yin stands guard over Sage’s name stone.

I’ve been so occupied with the vegetable garden that the Circle Garden (presided over by a statue of Kuan Yin) and the plantings along my house’s foundation have received short shrift. None of my gardens will win any awards–unless they’re for “Prowess in Weed Cultivation”–but the flowers have proven surprisingly forgiving. Here are some flower scenes from the last couple of weeks:

Pansy tire with statue

A few years ago, my husband made planters out of old tires. Fortunately, the pansies and petunias don’t object to the rustic nature of their new home.

Peonies in bloom

The peonies are a happy memory now, but they were spectacular for a few days.

Cheesy Sage by peonies

Sage enjoyed the peonies too.

Close up geraniums

My sturdy geraniums come back year after year and are some of my favorite flowers, both for their ephemeral blue and their stubborn independence.

Bumblebee on comfrey

The comfrey is still making a bid to flop its way all over the vegetable garden, but I can’t help loving it as much as the bumblebees do.

So I’ll take some time to just enjoy my flowers while they last. Weeding is overrated anyway…



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