Laughing in the Garden

Laugh sign in

Thanks to a whimsical metal sign given to me by my grandma, my garden gives me good advice: Laugh.

After much labor, my garden is finally planted. The perpetual battle against weeds is about to start, but at this moment, I’ll take a moment to breathe and, as my garden sign suggests, laugh.



  1. Lois Smock · · Reply

    Just thought to let you know how much I enjoy peeping into your family…both my boys are
    close to 50 now and watching your son’s activities remind me of my own sons growing up.
    Shame we are so far away from each other……lois Smock

  2. I often see this sign accompanied by the words “live, love” in a kitchen, but this is most appropriate in the garden – and all by itself! Your grandma is wise. 🙂

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