Fort Sage

Sage's fort

Sage’s first fort

Sage decided quite awhile ago that he needed a fort, but his architecture has evolved considerably. His first fort was basically a comforter hung from the top shelf of his closet and draped over a table, which, he explained, was the living room. (Apparently it also had a kitchen, although fortunately for me, he never attempted to cook in it.)

After his first fort succumbed to the erosion of laundry, he moved his efforts outdoors. He made a lean-to out of an old piece of greenhouse cover, complete with a fire pit inside. (In another stroke of good fortune, he never attempted to cook in that, either.)

Sage peeking out of lean to

Sage peeks out of Fort Number Two

Sage sitting in lean to

Sage shows off his fire pit

Fort Number Two has been battered by storms and has required a bit of reconstructive work, but it’s still standing strong despite the high winds currently slamming it. The weather will probably end up victorious some time in the near future, but that’s OK.

There will always be Fort Number Three.

One comment

  1. Inside to outside, simple to elaborate, this creation (like boyhood) is evolving.


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