Sage on Sharkey

Sage and Sharkey

Recently, Sage had $20 of leftover birthday money burning a hole in his pocket. It was his money, and he was going to spend it as he saw fit.

After much deliberation, he concluded that the best possible investment of his $20 would be in a giant inflatable shark. His new acquisition—aptly if not creatively named “Sharkey”—quickly replaced the unfortunate Foxy as Sage’s new best friend. Sharkey accompanied Sage everywhere, even to bed.

Alas, Sharkey’s sojourn as Sage’s Best Friend was as brief as it was glorious. Less than a week later, Sharkey had disappeared into a closet, where he’ll languish until he’s called upon to fulfill his destiny as a water toy.

Fate is indeed fickle, especially if you’re inflatable.

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