A Brief Bunny Visit

Bunnies in the bale

A brood of bunnies that came and went

A week or two ago, I was getting ready to change the water in the chicken pen when my eye was caught by unexpected movement; turning, I realized there were three bunnies squirming in an indentation at the bottom of a nearby hay bale. They had all their fur, but their eyes were still closed.

Surprised and delighted, I summoned Sage, who was thrilled to have some bunnies to go with his chicks. I cautioned him to leave them alone and leave them to their mama’s care, but we were excited about the possibility of watching this adorable little brood mature among the chickens (who were, fortunately, apathetic about the whole thing).

Alas, ‘twas not to be. When we went to check on the bunnies later that evening, they were gone. There was no indication of violence—no blood, no bunny parts—so I can only imagine that Mama Bunny was in the process of moving her offspring to a new and more exciting location. (At least I HOPE that’s what happened.)

Even so, the bunnies’ brief visit was enough to remind me how life is full of surprises—some terrible, some merely annoying, and some that are really darn cute.


  1. My sisters and I found two bunnies under mysterious circumstances, named them Marilyn and Carolyn, and fed them with baby doll bottles. My story did not have a happy ending. ;-(

  2. What an adorable find. I hope Sage wasn’t too disappointed.

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