The Fuzzy Newcomers

Sage holding chick

Sage holds his new chick Lantern.

Much to Sage’s delight, this year is a Chick Year. (We raise a new batch of chicks every two years in order to ensure a steady supply of eggs.)

Sage and Paul looking at chicks

Sage and Paul watch the chicks in their box, where they’ll live under a brooder lamp until they’re older and fully feathered.

3 chicks

The new arrivals: Snuggly, Lantern, and Snappifer (so named because Sage accused her of pecking him when she first arrived)

The fresh eggs will be a nice perk when these birds come of age, but for now, they’re earning their keep in cuteness.



  1. You are teaching Sage so many things here: respect for nature, the art of self-sufficiency, and a good work ethnic. Plus, good family time. What a wholesome activity!

  2. You reminded me of feeding baby birds with my dad. Happy days.

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