Unexpected Snow


Sage and Court in snow

Sage and Court in the unexpected snow

The forecasts had been dire: Winter Storm Warning! Over 6 inches of snow! Blowing! Drifting! Dangerous road conditions!

This apocalyptic news was met with smirks. How many times had we seen forecasts like this before, and how many times had the predicted storm either proven itself anti-climactic or simply failed to materialize? Everyone from my father to our office’s admirably cheerful mail carrier shook their heads sagely and confidently predicted that we’d only get a few snowflakes.

Well, even 100 false cries of “Wolf” can’t negate the existence of actual wolves, and sometimes the wolf does indeed show up to devour a sheep. So it was with the storm: As I discovered to my chagrin, the forecast 6-8 inches of snow were more like a foot, with drifts even higher, and a lot of it had found a comfortable home on my driveway.

This was rather unfortunate timing for a forecast to be accurate; our snow blower was out of commission, and my husband was spending the week in Maine for yet another work training. If I was going to get to work, I was going to have to shovel a path to the road alone.

I’m sure I built a lot of character, not to mention muscle, during the 2 hour process, but I was definitely not seeing the bright side of things by the time I stood near the end of the driveway, near tears from exhaustion, and surveying the 15 feet of wet, heavy snow that remained to be cleared.

It was at that point that Sage finally emerged from his warm nest in front of the TV and strode out into the driveway, valiantly wielding a shovel. (He’d calculated that I’d have finished most of the work by then.) While his efforts didn’t make a considerable difference in the work load, they did make for some nice action shots. He was especially pleased to pose since he reckoned he could use the pictures later as proof that he’d been helpful.

Sage shoveling action shot

Sage poses for an action shot with his shovel. 

While I’d define his contribution as more “helpful” than actually helpful, I brightened somewhat at the thought that I’d be spared a battle trying to wrench him from in front of the TV once I’d finally freed my trapped vehicle and was ready to go to work.

Sage and Court with shovel

Even Court seemed to question the helpfulness quotient of his young master’s efforts.

Alas, all the efforts were in vain: Although the plow finally came at around 11:00 am to clear the road, by then I’d found out that the Boys and Girls Club where I’d planned to take Sage was closed for the day due to the weather. Lacking a babysitter, I had to stay home anyway.

Today the snow is rapidly melting, and the evidence of my ordeal along with it. I won’t forget it anytime soon, though—at least not until my back stops hurting, anyway.

O Local Meteorologists, please forgive my lack of faith. I will never doubt again. At least not until the snow is gone.


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  1. We’ve heard about this end of season blizzard. Wow! Forgive me, but this reminds me of A E. Housman’s lines from Shropshire Lad: “To see the cherry hung with snow.”

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