Scenes from an Early Spring

Wide arm Sage

A triumphant Sage glories in his newly developed ability to take long bike rides.

A freakishly early spring has brought out the wanderlust in chickens, bees, and little boys.

After stubbornly refusing to walk on snow all winter, the chickens have burst forth from their captivity to happily wander our yard, searching for any precocious but unfortunate insects that might bravely sally forth. The bees are gathering pollen, although I’m not quite sure where they’re getting it since the landscape is still stark and bare, with just a few buds swelling tentatively on the most eager of the area trees.

And my little boy is ready to wander too, becoming surprisingly eager for “long bike rides.” (This was a surprising development. Normally, he’s complaining that he’s tired within five minutes of biking, and at one point last summer he was knocked off his bicycle by a rogue grasshopper.)

To my surprise and delight, Sage and I successfully biked to the Bent and Dent (an Amish store that sells battered and slightly expired groceries at a discount) last Wednesday. I honestly didn’t think he would make it, so I didn’t bother bringing a backpack; after all, it was at least 5 miles over hilly terrain. But he did indeed make it. Fortunately, he had a backpack, and we had Court’s leash, so we tied Court to the hitching post, and Sage got some well-deserved treats.

I was starting to get a bit worried we wouldn’t make it home in time to go to Sage’s 5:45 pm parent-teacher conference. (I’d taken off work because the students were released early due to conferences, hence our ability to make the afternoon trek.) I got even more nervous when he disappeared into the Port-a-Potty that serves as the Bent and Dent’s “facilities” and didn’t emerge for almost 15 minutes.

Despite the shopping and the extended call of nature, though, we made it home in plenty of time to have a quick supper and get to the conference, where I was completely unsurprised to learn that he’s an advanced reader who can be “a bit silly” at times.

It was a productive day, and we definitely slept well. Spring had wrought its magic.


One comment

  1. Well done for the bike ride. It must be lovely when the snow melts and you can get out again.

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