Sage’s Continued Inspiration

Sage holding zen tangle

Sage holds his Zen Tangle.

The Muse has descended to inspire Sage once again, and this time she’s diversifying her media. While origami remains one of his first loves, he was inspired by an art lesson to draw what he calls a Zen tangle.

Zen tangle

Sage’s photo of his Zen tangle.

He also assembled a puzzle

Sage displaying puzzle

Sage with his puzzle

built a house

Sage with jenga house

Sage with his Jenga block house

and added to his origami collection. Then, he used his photography skills to document his work.

Sage's origami display

Sage arranged and photographed his origami creations.

I hope Sage will spend the rest of his life surrounded by sources of inspiration. So far, he’s off to a good start.




One comment

  1. Inspiration begets more inspiration. I see sparks fly here.

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