The Mid-Winter Citrus Harvest

Sage picks oranges

Sage with his citrus harvest

Our freakish sojourn in the world of global warming has ended–at least temporarily–and the first major cold snap of the winter is upon us.

That didn’t stop our citrus tree from yielding a miniature mid-winter harvest, though. When I’d purchased it almost 10 years ago, I bought it as an “orange tree.” This name can be used only in the loosest sense of the term. Although the petite fruits do look like tiny oranges, they’re mouth-puckeringly sour.

Nevertheless, there was something fulfillingly defiant about harvesting fruit in the middle of winter–exotic and tropical-seeming citrus fruits, no less.

The juice our tiny harvest yielded didn’t fill more than a couple of tablespoons, so Paul and Sage added it to juice from a bag of lemons.

It looks like winter; it feels like winter; but at least it doesn’t taste like winter. At the moment, anyway…

Sage and Paul juicing oranges

Paul, Sage, and the juicing operation


  1. Entertaining tale. Maybe next year you’ll have a sweeter harvest. Or, maybe you’d do better with a kumquat tree, nice in tea. 😉

  2. Maybe you could make marmalade with them next time 🙂

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