A Farewell to Apples

Court under apple tree

Court guards the Giving Tree.

Thanks to a combination of favorable weather and eager bees, we had an outstanding apple year this year. All five trees on our property produced well, but none was as eerily generous as the one I’ve come to think of as the Giving Tree. Its branches drooped in curtains of fruit, and no amount of depredation could seem to reduce its supply.

Closer apple tree and bucket

The Giving Tree in all its summer glory

Even after my husband found a swarm of Amish neighbor kids happily filling their pony cart with apples, the tree remained bountiful. (In their defense, we’d arranged with their father to trade apples for extra straw bales to go around our beehives. After that incident, though, we asked the kids to leave the harvesting to us. In their locust-like enthusiasm, I think even the Giving Tree would have been pushed past its limits had they and their pony cart been given unlimited access.)

Close apples

The apples weren’t shy about posing for the camera.

Alas, winter has finally done what the Amish kids could not. (Or, to be precise, didn’t have time to do before my husband intervened with their harvest.) The branches are mostly bare, although even now, the tree clings fiercely to its last few apples. I assume it will need a rest after this year’s impressive performance, and I’m expecting an off-year next year.

Bare apple tree

The Giving Tree clings to its last few apples.

That’s all right. I’ll just plant some extra tomatoes…



  1. Apples, Amish, the Giving Tree – all the elements of a great story!

  2. Our apple tree is newly planted but we had two apples this year. Sadly, they fell while we were on holiday so we did t get to eat them.

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