Ephemeral Friends

Autumn made an admirable bid for immortality, but a hard frost here and a snowstorm to our south have pretty well squelched its pretensions. Since Autumn, despite its uncanny length this year, turned out to be ephemeral after all, I’ll honor it by remembering some other ephemeral friends it had offered me.

Frog friend looking away

This little frog appeared at my basement door and kept me company as I brought in laundry a few weeks ago. Alas, he went back to his froggy friends, and I haven’t seen him (her?) since. 

As I walked one day, I was surprised and delighted to see several dozen goats in a pasture down the road.

Court watching goats approach

Court watches the goats come out in a cautious but curious string.

Best goats

My new friends watched me as intently as I was watching them. I was hoping they’d be permanent acquisitions at that particular Amish farm, but alas, they too disappeared after a few days.

So I bid farewell to my ephemeral animal friends and the equally ephemeral gold of Autumn. It’s time to let go of what was and dream of what’s to come.


One comment

  1. It’s nice when little gifts like these appear, even if they are short lived. I wonder what happened to the goats?

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