The Origami Mayflower

Origami Mayflower

Sage displays his origami Mayflower.

A couple of days ago, Sage came home from school and commenced feverish work on a project. At first, I assumed it was a school assignment, but no: He was responding to the Call of Art. More specifically, he was responding to the Call of Origami.

He’d begun his origami Mayflower in school as the teacher was discussing the Pilgrims in honor of the imminent Thanksgiving holiday. The structure–designed and built by Sage–was pretty much done when he came home, but he proceeded to shellac it in a coat of Scotch tape, then test it in the bathroom sink to see if it would float. (It did, much to his delight.)

Sage displays the back of his Mayflower.

Sage displays the back of his Mayflower.

A couple of finger puppets later, Sage’s origami inspiration had passed for the day. I have no doubt the Paper Muse will descend once more, though, and Sage will be ready to create once more.

Sage's finger puppets

Sage’s finger puppets



  1. What an example of wonder and creativity Sage is. He reminds me of the Robert Louise Stevenson quote: “The world is full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” In that case, Sage is a king. You can quote me, Rebecca.

  2. The Mayflower is pretty popular around these parts because it first set sail from Southampton Docks, along with the Speedwell which sprung a leak and never made it to the New World. I’ve never seen an Origami version though. Well one Sage.

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