The Birthday Walk

I took my first Birthday Walk last year, a long meandering journey through the back roads near my house. To be honest, it was more of a Birthday Escape than a Birthday Walk; I was feeling tired, overwhelmed, and unwilling to speak to anyone.

But nobody could have remained cranky when brightly clad trees were waving so cheerily and placid grazing cows were exuding serenity. By the time I came home, I was calm and ready to be a birthday girl.

So I did it again this year–fortunately, as a walk rather than an escape–and the countryside didn’t disappoint. I felt like I was walking through a memory of childhood; the day was too tranquil and luminous to feel quite real. Here are a few of the highlights:

Creek through field

This little stream was in no hurry to reach the distant hills.

Horses against colorful hill

These horses seemed to enjoy the fall colors as much as I did.

Horses walking through field

Some horses, however, were more intent on finding an optimal grazing spot than on admiring the scenery.

Noble draft horse

I was especially taken with how noble and alert this particular draft horse looked.

Turning cow

I love taking pictures of horses, but this cow seemed to want her turn as well.

Squash in field

The sight of my neighbor’s squash told me I was almost home.

View of distant silo

I can see this view by peeking through a gap in the trees on the road near my house; no matter how many times I see it, I can’t believe that it’s real and not an image in a travel book.

The journey was lovely, but so was the return. When I came home, I found some of my dearest friends and a gluten-free cake baked by my loving husband, who had arranged this little surprise party for me. To be honest, the element of surprise had been considerably undermined by Sage’s earnest but ineffective attempts at secrecy, but that didn’t matter: It was the perfect end to a perfect journey.

Court on road

Court leads the way home

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  1. How lovely to celebrate your birthday amid “brightly clad trees.”

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