My GPS Tracker by Sage White Body

The following is an account of the brief but glorious career of Sage White Body’s homemade GPS Tracker, as related by the Inventor himself. (The brevity is due to the fact that the Tracker was made out of a yellow balloon and a black Sharpie marker, but hey, nothing’s perfect.)

Sage showing tracker in front of garage

This is me standing outside the house with my balloon GPS Tracker. It has four things: an antenna that points the way, a microphone so it can hear you, an arm adjustment, and a screen.

Sage talking into GPS tracker

The microphone can hear you so you can flip through icons and set your destination.

Sage looking up with tracker

The antenna can point where you are going. You twist it until it’s twisted to the top. Then it gets full power. It can stay charged for five minutes.

Sage with tracker on couch

The screen has a couple different things. It can show where you are and how much more you need to go until you get there. It has an icon that you can press to turn on things on the tracking, like Antenna and Microphone.

Sage, Court, and tracker on couch

The arm adjustment moves back and forth so your arm doesn’t get tired when it’s trying to point.

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