Sage’s Dream

Sage reaches out to share some of the wisdom he gained in 2014.

Sage the poet

A recent excavation of accumulated desk papers revealed the following treasure: a sticky note. It wasn’t just any sticky note, though; it was one on which I’d scribbled down then-three-year-old Sage’s description of a dream he’d had the night before. I’d been struck at the time by the haiku-like beauty of his words, and I still am now. I think they’re worth sharing:

Sage’s Dream

A flash of light

A flash of darkness

And then it was morning

So much of the human experience captured in thirteen words: Maybe my boy has the soul of a poet.

And then again, maybe not...

And then again, maybe not…



  1. Out of the mouths of babes: Your son has the soul of a poet which you are recognizing and affirming early on.

    Just yesterday I found a file which my 11-year-old grandson wrote when he was probably 7 years old.
    Dear Tooth Fairy, I literally lost my tooth
    So please don’t use your magic to turn me into a

    Thank you. Sincerely, Curtis (Cartoon follows)

  2. Too funny!

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