The arrival of Skipper

Sage contemplates his new roommate, Skipper.

Sage contemplates his new roommate, Skipper.

Our household is pleased to welcome its new arrival, a betta that, after some intense thought on Sage’s part, has been christened “Skipper.”

He named his fish in honor of my grandmother’s spunky but long deceased goldfish of the same name. She’d told us how, when my father and aunt were children, her family was in the process of moving on a cold winter day. They stopped at a restaurant and didn’t think to bring in the bowl containing their pair of goldfish, Flipper and Skipper.

The family (or at least my grandmother) was horrified to find the water frozen upon their return to the car. They thawed it upon arriving at their destination but alas, it was too late for Flipper.

Skipper, on the other hand, was a survivor. Although he remained half-paralyzed and swam with the aquatic equivalent of a limp for the rest of his days, he remained undaunted and carried on for years.

My son remembered the story and decided that his fish, too, should be a Skipper.

I hope New Skipper’s as tenacious as his predecessor.


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  1. Reblogged this on Naomi's Story and commented:

    One of Grandma’s stories found new life with the arrival of my son’s latest pet.

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