A Landlady and So Much More

This is a tribute to my grandmother’s best friend, Lucy Jirgens.

Naomi's Story

Naomi was alone in her house. Children grown and gone, husband dead, there was no point in staying in her Milwaukee home any longer. But she’d forged a new life before with nothing but $100 and a bus ticket; she could and would do the same thing again.

Naomi’s first step was to find a new place to live. She found an ad in the newspaper that seemed to suit her needs: A local family was seeking a lodger. Perfect.

She responded to the ad, thinking only of finding an economical lodging and a fresh start. It wasn’t until Lucy Jirgens—sweetly smiling, brightly dressed—opened the door and welcomed Naomi in her strong Latvian accent that Naomi realized she’d found much more than a room. This was the beginning of a life-long friendship.

Naomi liked Lucy right away, and the feeling was clearly mutual. Lucy quickly accepted Naomi into her home…

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