Facing loss, preserving life

I posted this on the Naomi’s Story blog, but I want to share my memories of my grandma with as many people as possible, so I’m putting it on Moments of Unexpected Beauty too.

Naomi's Story

Having an infected tooth pulled is bad enough, but promptly fighting a round of pneumonia is another thing, especially when one is 93 years old. The pneumonia battle is almost an annual thing for my grandma Naomi by now, and she’s always had an almost supernatural ability to heal. This time, though, it’s different; even when or if she recovers, her failing eyesight has combined with her failing health to guarantee an end to her independent living, and her spirits are low as a result. When my son and I visited her on Tuesday, she was as pale as the sheets, a breathing mask over her face, looking OLD–a surprisingly new development for someone her age. I had my camera but didn’t dare–or want–to take a picture. Instead, I want to remember her as she was just weeks ago, so I’m going to post these pictures from the beginning of…

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