Alondra and the rainbow

Alondra and the double rainbow

Alondra and the double rainbow

I’m pleased to report that I have a special guest author today: my eleven-year-old sister Alondra, who’s staying for the weekend. We just witnessed one of the most spectacular rainbows I’ve ever seen–a double rainbow that arched all the way across the valley, sunlight before it, lightning behind, like a luminous but ephemeral gate holding the terrors of the world at bay. Now I turn the keyboard over to my sister…

I’m Rebecca’s younger sister Alondra. Since I live in the city I don’t get to see rainbows as much as my sister does(especially double ones). The rainbow was simply magnificent. To me the the rainbow looked like the arched half dome where my sister played oboe (only a lot bigger) with nature putting on a little show inside. As much as I love being in the city I love it even more to be in the country. I get more attached and surrounded by nature while every once in a while meeting some new Amish friends. This sight the we just experienced was the first double rainbow I have seen in my entire life! Eleven years without seeing a double rainbow…Can you believe it! Well I’m going to turn you back to my awesome sister to finish this spectacular blog about a spectacular sight…

Alondra’s a hard act to follow, so I’ll conclude now by posting a picture of her with the double rainbow. I wish I could have captured some of the lightning flicking and writhing behind it, but the timing just didn’t work out. Even so, I hope you enjoy the rainbow as much as we did!

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