The Lamb Whisperer

The boy speaks their language...

The boy speaks their language…

I have to confess this happened awhile ago, and I haven’t gotten around to posting about it before now, but I still feel I must let the world know about my son’s unique talent: He’s a Lamb Whisperer.

To clarify: When my Amish neighbors first cordoned off part of their front yard and installed their newly be-lambed ewes there, Sage REALLY wanted to pet one. Unfortunately, they were too far away. He didn’t give up, though; he did what anyone would do in his position. Namely, he started bleating like a lamb. It was quite embarrassing, but I tell you this: IT WORKED. A lamb began bleating in response, wandered over, and allowed Sage to pet it.

I was kicking myself for not bringing a camera (metaphorically rather than literally, fortunately). I wasn’t able to re-create this specific Lamb Whisperer moment, but he DID make friends with a ewe who chaperoned some other lambs to him. This is the image I present to you today.


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