The May Snowstorm

This is the view out my front window--on MAY SECOND!!!

This is the view out my front window–on MAY SECOND!!!

It’s May 2, and my son is home from school because of a snow day; I presume that most Wisconsin residents (and anyone else in the storm’s path) will agree that this weather is freakish, unnatural, and just plain wrong. But on the plus side, the still-naked trees seem to be sadder but wiser. Last year, the pendulum of freakishness had swung in the opposite direction, with a summer-like March that seduced the apple trees into blooming early. The poor things paid for their folly: a follow-up frost nipped the blossoms and left apples scarce the following fall.

This time, the trees weren’t fooled. Even though we just had a string of summer-warm days (even hitting eighty degrees at one point), the trees remained stubbornly silent. There were a few who put out a tentative patina of green, but most remained bare.

Their reticence was well-founded. As I type, the newly green grass lies buried beneath several inches of snow, and when I look out the front window, the buds on the maple tree are the only indication that I’m not contemplating a January scene. At least a plow just passed by so the road (if nothing else) is visible.

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