Aquanion Castle

Aquanyin CastleSage’s first piece of architecture has been created: Aquanion Castle was born when he discovered a chunk missing from the edge of a large flower pot in front of our house.
“Don’t worry,” I reassured him. “It will make a perfect toad house if we flip it over.”
It was good advice—in theory. The reality was that when Sage flipped it over, the whole top half fell off, resulting in another storm of tears.
“Take the pieces and make something new,” I told him.
He dried his tears and boy, did he. He found an old fairy statue—a lawn ornament from bygone days—and propped her up next to his newly created “toad castle,” which looks, to be honest, more like a toad cave. But it was a clever use of the shards created when he took a hammer to the sad remainders of the pot, and I was more than willing to praise him for his ingenuity and go with the “castle” appellation.
“This is Aquanion Castle,” he explained. “The fairy’s name is Aquanion, and since she’s standing by it, it’s Aquanion Castle.”
He couldn’t say where he’d come up with the name—“That’s just what it IS,” he said—and I was both pleased and mystified by it until I realized he’d probably drawn on “Kuan Yin,” whose statue is in our circle garden, to create what I’d been mentally spelling as “Aquanion.” No matter its provenance, though, both child and mother were equally enthusiastic about Sage’s first foray into architecture. Sage was just plain proud, and I was relieved to find that his repeated exposure to “Angry Birds” hadn’t completely annihilated his sense of creativity.
Unfortunately, Aquanion Castle has succumbed to a combination of nasty winter-like weather and wiggling puppy; the shards lie scattered by the front step, and the poor fairy has been decapitated (a sad fact that, fortunately, Sage has not yet discovered.) But once the snow from yet another spring storm has cleared, we’ll pick up the pieces, as well as a bottle of heavy duty glue, and re-build Aquanion Castle to its former glory. The fairy shall reign over her Toad Dominion once more.


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