The Aspirations of Wild Things

Deer 1I saw a rare sight today: a herd of deer picking their way delicately across one of the fields behind our house. One would think, being out in the country, deer would hardly be a novelty, but they are. (I’ve even found myself wishing we had MORE deer when the ground was covered with half-spoiled windfall apples from our elderly apple trees.) They picked their way delicately across the bare field next to the cornfield where the neighbor horses were grazing. They peered hopefully across the fence, possibly wishing they were horses themselves. There’s a lot of toil and buggy hauling and patient waiting outside houses involved in being a horse, of course, but they were so well-fed… The deer peered wistfully across the fence, then apparently decided that they preferred their freedom. They wheeled around as one, leapt across the field toward the waiting woods, and disappeared. Indifferent to the aspirations of wild things, the horses grazed on.



  1. I love it when deer stop by to visit my yard. Last year I had a mother and twin fawns.

    1. I hope they didn’t eat your pansies! > Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 22:43:27 +0000 > To: >

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