Chaussette and the Chickens: When Worlds Collide

Chaussette and chickensAny fears I had that my puppy Chaussette would do irrevocable harm to my pair of chickens have been allayed. Minerva and Regarder (French for “to watch” since she’s quite the avian observer) emerged yesterday from their previously snow-enclosed coop to inspect the rest of their domain. Chaussette bounced around them frenetically, doing everything in her power to entice them to play with her, but they responded with sublime indifference. Eventually, Regarder got annoyed and graced Chaussette with a cursory lunge toward her; Chaussette leapt away, disconcerted by the pointy beak headed her way, but quickly decided it was a fun new game. She kept at it and was rewarded by the occasional lunge until I took pity on my chickens and dragged Chaussette off for a long walk, leaving the chickens to peck in peace. (Note: This entry was written on April 7, shortly before my Internet service went on strike. I’m sorry to report that today’s combination of rain and sleet is supposed to turn into snow, once more burying Kuan Yin’s newly exposed ankles and sending the chickens back to their icy imprisonment since they will NOT walk on snow unless—and I have witnessed this—driven to extremity by the frantically bouncing puppy. Now that the gate keeps Chaussette safely out of their pen, though, the chickens are yet again huddled miserably in their coop.)


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