Warm silence

Chaussette and snow laundryMy son Sage stayed overnight with his grandma last night, and Paul’s gone to fetch him. I have a few precious hours of solitude, and I want to always remember the moment I just had: napping in the gray light of a cloudy day, stretched on the sofa, puppy warm on my chest, Obligation whimpering fretfully about everything I should be doing but then curling up like a sleepy baby beneath a soft blanket of tranquility. The moment didn’t last—now Chaussette is up and trying to eat a box of pens, Paul has called and announced his imminent return, and all the cleaning I didn’t do is reproaching me from its dusty corners. But for half an hour, I had the experience of Being, and right now that’s all that matters.
I don’t have a photo that specifically goes with this post, but I’ll put up an image of Chaussette with the laundry line. The weather is just warm (well, “warm”) enough to hang it out and only have it half frozen by evening, so I waded through the snow to hang it this morning. I’m probably only saving a few dollars by braving the elements this way, but there’s something gratifyingly pioneerish about pinning up laundry in the snow.

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