Simple Revelations

Chaussette and marrow boneOne of my son’s best friends and his mother came over for the first time last week, and a couple of days later we went to their house. The little boy and my son are classmates, and they also attend the library’s pre-school storytime together. I’d met his mother at many of those storytimes, but the circumstances never allowed us to get beyond brief son-related chitchat. These visits afforded us the first opportunity for in-depth conversation—the boys were fully occupied with entertaining each other—and I was gratified to discover how much we had in common. Our talks ranged from dog training to death, and many profound things were said in the process (mostly by her). I was especially struck by the little things, though—the tiny revelations that seemed so obvious once they were made and yet, left to my own devices, I never would have dreamed up. Here’s a sampling:
1. You can slice mushrooms with an egg slicer. (So simple, so practical, so completely overlooked by me; I was stuck in my egg-slicers-are-for-eggs paradigm)
2. You can show a dog who’s boss by flipping it over and letting it back up as soon as it stops struggling. (Worked like a charm on Chaussette, who discovered in the process that she loves belly rubs)
3. You can make a simple and somewhat healthy dessert by mixing cake mix with a can of pureed pumpkin (I tried it with brownie mix and by jingo, it worked)
4. Our local meat store/caterer, Augusta Meats, will sell sliced bones with the marrow in to dog owners who ask for them (I bought some for Chaussette and they are truly miraculous Puppy Pacifiers; I’m posting a photo of her with one of them. I’d also like to give a shout-out to the staff of Augusta Meats. Since I’d been mostly vegetarian for so long (with a few exceptions that I’ve noted in a previous posting), I’d envisioned anyone connected with butchering as dour and joyless, grimly wielding a bloody cleaver. Who knew that people involved in the sale of flesh could be so warm, welcoming, and generous? I felt a moral obligation to buy a package of Cheddar Wieners from them since they sold me the bones at such a ridiculously low price.)
My main contribution was that you can put a briefly steeped, then cooled chamomile tea bag over eyes infected with pink-eye. I’d learned this trick from an herbalist friend a few years ago. Doctors might protest indignantly that it’s not a medically approved treatment, but all I can say is that it worked for my son and me when he awoke a couple of years ago with a grossly swollen eye and thoughtfully shared his malady with me. A few hours of looking like pirates on a budget, and we were cured. Unfortunately, this information came too late for my friend, who had made a midnight run to Urgent Care with her swollen-eyed son.
I have a haunting feeling that there were a few others, but I’m looking forward to our next playdate-for-sons/talk-date-for-mothers; I have high hopes that it will yield some more insights and that my cooking/puppy wrangling/mothering will improve steadily now that I’ve got my new friend’s wisdom to tap.


  1. I will remember that tea bag remedy for pink eye! You never know what students will offer you in the way of communicable diseases on any given day 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to agree with that statement, although I’m hoping your high schoolers (especially the A.P. ones) have slightly better sanitary practices than the wee folk. Then again, we probably don’t want to KNOW where those teenagers’ appendages have been… At any rate, I’m hoping the tea bag trick remains irrelevant to your direct experience, but if a kid DOES give you an unwanted gift, I hope it serves you well! > Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 15:28:50 +0000 > To: >

  2. Can’t have too many new friends!!!

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