A Moment in the Snow

Cardinal 2I took my puppy Chaussette outside to the chicken coop to change the chickens’ water this morning, and on the way, I experienced Poetry (with a deliberate capital P). There was a light snow falling (much to the chagrin of most Wisconsin residents), and the air was cool and still. I saw a flash of red in a bare wild plum tree and sure enough–there was a cardinal perched among the naked branches. I rued not having my camera with me but decided I would try to go in for one on the off-chance he was loathe to depart. Sure enough, upon my return, there he was, head artistically inclined as though he were posing for me. I got three photos and would have liked to stand longer in the snow, but my five-year-old son was inside and wouldn’t tolerate my absence long. I wrote a rough draft of a poem–too rough for even a blog entry at this point–but I would like to preserve this moment. The cardinal was helpful in this endeavor; when I returned later this afternoon, he was still in the tree and had been joined by his mate. I’m posting the best of the three photos, and I’m hoping maybe there will be photos of a cardinal nest come spring.



  1. Is Sage more excited about Chausette? Our continued winter weather is both beautiful and devastating to me….

  2. Beautiful. We have one couple that has been showing up at the feeder just recently. We used to have more all the time but I think the 4 cats have convinced them that they are better suited for the neighbors feeders.

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