Boredom as a foreign concept

I’ve taken my son to my friend’s house, so I’m trying to squeeze as much as possible into the scant but precious child-free time. (I love my son, but his presence is NOT conducive to productivity, especially when it comes to writing.) I want to use this opportunity to list all the things I’d like to learn and do in the future. Most probably aren’t viable until Sage is 18 and on his own, but I want to write the list down now for future reference:

1. Learn Spanish (Some progress has been made on that front, but any feats of language unattainable by Dora the Explorer are on hold for the moment.)

2. Revive my French (I used to teach it, but after so many years of introductory French, my linguistic complexity is less than impressive. I’m great at naming colors, though.)

3. Create a well-planned, well-tended, and generally bountiful garden that keeps me supplied with almost all of my fresh produce. Or at least a garden that doesn’t force me to console myself by thinking, “Well, at least it’s a great wildlife habitat.”

4. Can, freeze, dry, and otherwise preserve the products of said garden.

5. Revive my oboe playing, which has languished since Municipal Band last summer. (Ironically, I’m using my tiny window for practicing to type this. So much for my being consistent with my goals.)

6. Learn to play piano and recorder so I can teach Sage how. Both of these goals involve reviving long-dormant skill sets, but I’m reassured by the fact that my fingers seem to remember at least some melodies on the few occasions when Sage lets me play piano.

7. Be a better correspondent with friends old and new; I learned when I went to Chicago how much I’ve been missing by not writing and calling more often.

8. Cook with more vegetables, particularly steamed ones.

9. Harken to the sad, sad voices of the storage areas that whimper, “Clean me! Please, for the love of God, clean me!” when I walk by them.

10. Write more. At least, by the act of typing this, I’m doing SOMETHING toward this goal.

I’m pretty darn sure that I have a few dozen more, especially since this list doesn’t include all the books I’d like to read, but my window of child-free time is closing and there’s still much to be done. I do want to conclude, though, that I don’t understand the concept of boredom. In a world that’s full of food to be grown and cooked, nature to be observed, languages to learn, music to play, books to be read, people to be helped, and a thousand other responsibilities that need to be fulfilled, HOW CAN PEOPLE BE BORED??!!


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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. I can’t even begin to understand people who are bored. I may not love, love,love, everything I am doing all the time, but I certainly am not bored. I share a couple of your goals, especially the garden/food ones. This year is going to be spectacular!!!! Any ideas on how to keep Rocky Raccoon out of the corn??

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